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source: top google image search results for mapping – 12 Dec 2019

Mapping increasingly serves as a powerful tool for supporting social and ecological strategic systems change efforts. However, our community of professional mappers is tiny, distributed, inundated with requests for work and learning, fairly siloed, and part several new fields and ways of working, all adding to the natural confusion and lack of clarity that comes from collective emergence of a new field of work.

AIM: We want integrate understanding within and across areas of mapping, helping to co-create a coherent view of both our emerging fields and the networks of practitioners and researchers within them. The Mappers Guild aims to do this.

We hope this both supports people doing this catalytic work, and makes it easier for others to learn with us.

The Mappers Guild collaborates with the Digital Life Collective on the provision of a cooperatively-owned online space that can facilitate discourse, resource discovery, coherent spaces for teams, and help to grow collective intelligence. Guild and DigLife members are all invited to join us as we learn together and expand our capacity and co-define the emergent field of mapping.

NOTE: You are also invited to join the Digital Life Collective, with access to wider member discussions, member tools, and project spaces. Collective members can also access the Maps chat space without joining the Mappers Guild, allowing tech and map discussions to cross-pollinate.

Please join us in this interchange space for all kinds of mappers!

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