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Welcome to the Digital Life Collective!

The Digital Life Collective (DigLife) exists to research, develop, fund and support Tech We Trust. We’re glad you’re here.

What do members do together?

Along with supporting and experimenting with CaaS (cooperation-as-a-service), our DigLife member spaces help us learn and cooperate across member projects, discuss a wide range of topics about this changing and networked world, and help each other along the way.

We are a member-owned co-operative. Any adult* can join the Collective, as can a corporate body or nominee of an unincorporated body, firm or partnership.

Our suggested membership fee for DigLife is US$10.00 per year, although some members select a higher amount as suits what they can afford. Much larger amounts should be offered as a donation please. Thank you.

NOTE: DigLife membership is ANNUAL. You can select whether you would like to auto-renew or not, below.

check the age of majority in your country.

Digital Life Collective Membership Options

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DigLife membership is ANNUAL. Select the option that works for you, and check the auto-renew box if you like. Thank you!
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We use Stripe as our preferred payment processor. No card data is stored on the servers of the Digital Life Collective. Stripe’s privacy policy is found here. Member information is handled by the Digital Life Collective. The Collective’s privacy policy is here.

Why member fees?

Cooperative organizing requires cooperative ownership. Our minimal membership fees allow us to support the technical infrastructure our community is built on, along with our contributions to building the global co-operative community. For example:

Digital Ocean – provides our cloud services
Cloudron – helps us manage our apps
Kumu – to organize our data into beautiful, useful maps
Zoom — keeping our community talking across time and space
Co-operatives UK – developing and uniting member-owned businesses like Diglife

Other services we use to keep the lights on include:

  • Domain registration (.coop, .com)
  • Website themes
  • Accountancy
  • Legal (infrequent)

All members are invited to join the coop stewards and participate in decisions around how we allocate these funds.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do get in touch.

After joining, you will see a thank-you page with a link to join the DigLife member chat. Your email receipt notification will also contain this link. Community coordinators are available in the chat to welcome you and help you get oriented.