Generative identity

You are invited to join the interdisciplinary working group on generative identity to develop the concept and its applications for psychological, societal, and ecological health. The work has potentially serious ramifications for the deployment of current identity technologies.

Conceived by the AKASHA Foundation, generative identity is introduced in the blog post Generative identity — beyond self-sovereignty, with additional information in the follow-up post A call for interdisciplinarity — generative identity and the Internet Identity Workshop.

The generative identity working group aims to:

  1. Articulate the negative outcomes of self-sovereign identity (SSI)
  2. Develop interdisciplinary understanding of the sociotechnological requirements of identity in the pervasive information age
  3. Engage identity technology decision makers in government and organizations in our work.

NOTE: On joining the working group, you are also invited to join the Digital Life Collective, with access to wider member discussions, member tools, and project spaces.

Generative identity working group

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